Sedges and Grasses

PLANTS $3.25 ea

20 PLANTS for $60

40 PLANTS (tray) $110



L= Local

E = Exotic

Austrodanthonia caespitosa Wallaby Grass                L

Austrostipa elegantissima tall feather grass                L

Baumea articulata Joined Rush                                    L

Baumea juncea Bare Twig Rush                                  L

Baumea rubigonosa                                                      L

Baumea vaginalis Sheath Twig Rush                           L

Carex appressa Tall Sedge                                           L

Ficinia nodosa Knotted Club Rush                               L

Juncus kraussii Salt Marsh Rush                                  L

Juncus pallidus Pale Rush                                            L

Juncus pauciflorus Loose Flowered Rush                   L

Juncus subsecundus Finger Rush                                L

Lepidosperma effusum Sword Sedge                          L

Lepidosperma gladiatum Coast Sword Sedge            L

Lepidosperma squamatum                                           L

Lepidosperma tetraqetrum                                           L

Leptocarpus scariosa                                                    L

Neurachne alopecuroidea foxtail mulga grass           L

Xanthorrhoea preissii Grass Tree                                L

Meeboldina scariosa
Carex appressa (Tall Sedge)
Ficinia nodosa (Knotted Club Rush)
Lepidosperma tetraqetrum
Baumea juncea (Bare Twig Rush)
Austrodanthonia caespitosa (Wallaby
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