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Cape Collection

The Tube Nursery propagates the Cape Collection which features species local to our Capes region. The collection includes hardy and ornamental shrubs suitable for all size gardens allowing you to create habitat for local birds and insects.


If you are particularly interested in only planting local species please look at our lists under the Plants tab and seek out plants that have an 'L' next to them.


Thomasia triphylla

A small multi-stemmed shrub, with clusters of delicate small pink, purple or white flowers. This spectacular plant can be found in its natural state along the Coastal heathlands of the Southwest Cape.

Prefers a well-drained sandy soil with the addition of lime. 

(H)  0.3-1.2m

(W) 0.3-1m


Guichenotia ledifolia

A small spreading shrub with delicate pink to purple bell like flowers in early spring. A fantastic coastal plant that can be found on the coastal plains of the Southwest Cape.

Prefers a sandy soil and a full sun position. Will tolerate lime. 

(H)  0.5-3m

(W) 1m


Melaleuca systena

An erect to spreading shrub with yellow to cream pom pom flowers from spring through to autumn. Can be seen in the Southcoast Cape naturally stabilising coastal dunes and rocky limestone.

Prefers a well-drained sandy soil and will tolerate lime. 

(H)  0.5-2m

(W) 0.5-1m


Kunzea ciliata

A medium sized spreading shrub with clusters of pink flowers forming a pom pom like inflorescence. A delight to be seen in its natural wonder in the Southwest cape. 

Prefers a sandy loam.

(H)  0.7-2.5m

(W) 0.5-1m


Diploleana dampieri

A beautifully rounded, erect bushy shrub. The red to orange flowers consist mostly of stamen encased at the base with hairy grey bracts. The foliage also shows fine hairs on its mature growth. Can be found in its natural state on the Southwest  Cape Coastal Dunes.

Prefers a well-drained sandy soil with the addition of lime. 

(H)  0.5-3m

(W) 1m


Tremandra stelligera

An erect but spreading shrub found on the Southwest Cape. This small shrub bears stunning purple to blue flowers in mid summer. Leaves mature to red as they age, can vary in its habit.

Suited to sandy and loam soils in a full sun/part shade position.

(H)  1-1.5m

(W) 0.5-1m


Scaevola crassifolia​

This spreading shrub has an unusually sticky foliage and can be pruned to form an erect habit. Flowers from early spring through the summer months with blue and white shaped blooms. Can be found on the limestone cliffs of the Southwest Cape.

Prefers a well-drained sandy soil and will tolerate lime.

(H)  0.1-1.5m

(W) 1m


Acacia littorae

The striking yellow inflorescence on this dense, pungent shrub really is an eye catcher in spring. In its natural state the masses of tiny flowers can be seen far across the granite outcrops and dunes of the Southwest cape coastline.

Prefers a well-drained sandy soil.

(H)  0.5-3m

(W) 1m


Acacia myrtifolia

A bushy shrub which bears masses of cream to yellow flowers. One of the earliest of the Acacias to flower in spring. Frequently seen in most areas of the Southwest Cape.

Prefers a well-drained sandy soil.

(H)  0.5-3m

(W) 1-1.2m

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