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Welcome to The Tube Nursery

Exciting times are ahead for the 2023 planting season. Although we are sad to be closing our retail outlet after 30 years, the good news is we are still growing quality, local tubestock to order.

To place an order simply email with a list of selected plants and we will email you confirmation of your order and details of deposit.

Orders will need to be made by December 2022. Minimum order is only 10 plants (any combination of species) and price will be $3.50 each. All plants are grown in individual 50mm tubes. We aim to have your freshly grown plants available from autumn onwards (1.5.2023) in time for winter rains which is the optimal time to plant. 

This next year, our focus is to support biodiversity in our local gardens, be they small or large blocks. Please refer to the 2 plant lists on the website. The PLANT LOCAL FIRST list consists of local native species designed to encourage valuable habitat in your garden. Heights of plants and local soil types are listed to aid your selection. A general native list is also available. Don't hesitate to email or call with enquiries.

the tube nursery
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